What is NRC Assam?

The NRC (National Register of Citizens) which contain the names of Indian Citizens. The NRC was prepared after the census of 1951. If you are residing in Assam then your 1951 NRC, Pre-Electoral Roll upto March 24th,1971 or any other admissible documents is sufficient to include your name in NRC Assam. The NRC updation across Assam which includes the names of all eligible persons or descendants of a Legacy Person. You can get more details about NRC Assam from official website www.nrcassam.nic.in.

Complete Draft NRC Assam

Are you looking for Complete Draft NRC Assam List? If yes, then you are absolutely on the correct website. Here we are going to help you how can you search your name in the Complete Draft of updated NRC Assam. You might check you are the First Part Draft NRC Assam which was published on 31st December 2017. If you could not see your name in the first draft, then your name shall be included in the Complete Draft NRC Assam which is going to be published on the date as per the direction of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. The timeline for Complete Draft NRC is 30 July 2018. The Verification of Complete Draft NRC began as soon as the NRC first part draft was released.

Complete Draft NRC Assam

The eagerly waiting of NRC Assam Draft is going to publish this month. So, Here we have explained in the below how can you check your Complete NRC Result via different methods. Before you to explain you to check your complete draft NRC name list, we would like to inform you that Complete NRC Draft is not a final NRC.

There are many applicants whose documents could not be verified due to various reasons at the time of the hearing, they can claim their name by filing a claim and objection application at their respective NRC Seva Kendra in case of discrepancy. Such application will be verified by Local Register of Citizens by Hearing Based Verification.

How to Check NRC Assam Complete Draft or 2nd List?

Update: We have Added Direct Links to Check Draft List

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How to Check Online

Method 1:

Check Names in 2nd Draft NRC at your Respective NRC Seva Kendra

When NRC Complete Draft is out, the printed copies will be available at NRC Seva Kendra. Timings to check the status of inclusion from printed copies is 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM during 30th July 2018 to 28th September 2018 on all working days.

Method 2:

ARN Based Search in Complete Draft NRC Assam





Alternate Links to Search Result







Visit the mentioned above websites and Check for Highlights for Complete Draft NRC Assam.

  • Enter the ARN number and Captcha.
  • Within a few seconds, you will see your name in the NRC 2nd Draft.

Method 3:

Via Pre-Registration of SMS Service

You can also pre-register your mobile number by sending an SMS.

If you avail pre-register your mobile number then you will receive an SMS automatically about the inclusion of Complete Draft NRC when published.

To pre-register your mobile number send as SMS in the format ARN space ARN to 7899405444 or 7026321133 or 7026861122 or 9765556555

For example, your ARN number is 180062353452 then type ARN 180062353452 and send an SMS.

The Pre-Registration facility is now activated and will remain active till 6.00 PM on 29th July 2018 only.

Method 4:

On-Demand SMS Service

You can also check the name in Complete Draft NRC Assam Result after 12 noon 30th July 2018 of any ARN by typing ARN space ARN (Ex: ARN 180062353452) and send it to 7899405444 or 7026321133 or 7026861122 or 9765556555.

Method 5:

Call Toll-Free Helpline Number

Call NRC Assam 24×7 Toll Free Helpline number to know your updated name in NRC Draft. Helpline Nos. 15107 (From Assam) and 18003453762 (from outside of Assam) to know your name in Complete Draft NRC.

What to do if the Name Doesn’t Appear in the Complete NRC Draft Also?

Do not worry, if your name didn’t appear in the Complete Draft Also. While NRC Officials are committed to making an error-free NRC, some of the applicant’s name may not appear in the Complete Draft NRC Assam also. During the step by step verification of NRC applications, your application left unverified or you are unable to provide proper data at the time of the hearing. Such persons can again claim their name in the Final NRC.

NRC Claims Objectons

Persons whose name not in the 2nd Draft NRC please go to your nearest NRC Seva Kendra and ask for a Claim application. Be sure that you attach legal and acceptable documents to include your name in Final NRC. A receipt shall be issued to you containing your application id. Using this application a hearing based re-verification will be conducted by Local Register of Citizens. Persons who want to change their name or any error in the updated draft NRC can file correction application. Such applications will be scrutinized to make a Final and Last Updated NRC. Besides, if your name doesn’t appear in the Final NRC also, then you can appeal at Foreigners Tribunals.